PHP 8.1 – New setAccessible() Reflection method

PHP 8.1 – New setAccessible() Reflection method

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For any private method ReflectionMethod or class property ReflectionProperty we can now set its accessibility and call it manually without getting any errors.

This feature includes:

  • make `ReflectionProperty` and `ReflectionMethod` behave as if `#setAccessible(true)` had been called upfront
  • make `ReflectionProperty#setAccessible()` and `ReflectionMethod#setAccessible()` no-op operations, with no side-effects nor state mutation involved

After the RFC is successfully accepted/implemented, the following code should no longer throw, improving therefore the ergonomics around reflection.

class Foo { private $bar = 'a'; }
(new ReflectionProperty(Foo::class, 'bar'))->getValue();

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