PHP 8.1 – Extra return type :noreturn

PHP 8.1 – Extra return type :noreturn

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For any methods or function which are meant to always throw exception or exit the code using things like: exit() or die() a new return type of: noreturn was added. The sample usage could be: function iWillAlwaysExit(): noreturn .

Redirect functions that always call exit (either explicitly or implicitly) are good candidates for such a return type:

function redirect(string $uri): noreturn {
    header('Location: ' . $uri);
function redirectToLoginPage(): noreturn {

Like void, the noreturn type is only valid when used as a function return type. Using noreturn as an argument or property type produces a compile-time error:

class A {
    public noreturn $x; // Fatal error

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