PHP 8.1 – Deprecated Serializable interface

PHP 8.1 – Deprecated Serializable interface

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Since PHP 7.4 magic methods of __seralize() and __unserialize() were added, since then Serializable interfece is obsolete and in fact broken with new PHP 8.x features. This also includes deprecating of PDO::FETCH_SERIALIZE flag of PDO object that will be remove completely in PHP 9.

A class is “only Serializable” if it is non-abstract, implements Serializable, and does not implement __serialize() and __unserialize(). Then:

  • In PHP 8.1, declaring an “only Serializable” class will throw a deprecation warning. Other implementations of Serializable will be accepted without a deprecation warning, because libraries supporting PHP < 7.4 will generally need to implement both the old and new mechanisms.
  • In PHP 9.0 the Serializable interface will be removed and unserialize() will reject payloads using the C serialization format. Code needing to support both PHP < 7.4 and PHP >= 9.0 may polyfill the Serializable interface, though it will have no effect on serialization.

If a class implements both Serializable and __serialize()/__unserialize(), the latter take precedence (on versions that support them), and the Serializable interface is only used to decode existing serialization payload using the obsolete C format. To migrate to the new mechanism, it’s possible to either replace Serializable entirely (if support for PHP 7.3 and below is not needed) or to implement both (if it is needed).

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