PHP 8.1 – All Deprecated functions and features

PHP 8.1 – All Deprecated functions and features

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Here is a list of all deprecated functions and things in latest PHP 8.1.

  • Serializable interface of __serialize() and __unserializale() <- link this !!!
  • Passing NULL to not null params in build-in php functions <- link this !!!
  • Automatic conversion of false values for arrays
  • date_sunrise() and date_sunset()
  • key()current()next()prev(), and reset() on objects
  • mb_check_encoding() without argument
  • get_class()get_parent_class() and get_called_class() without argument
  • FILE_BINARY and FILE_TEXT constants
  • t fopen mode
  • Passing bool for $value argument of IntlCalendar::roll()
  • Accessing static members on traits
  • strptime()
  • strftime()
  • gmtstrftime()
  • mhash() function family
  • ctype_() function family accepts int parameters
  • Return by reference with void type
  • NIL constant defined by the IMAP extension
  • Calling overloaded pgsql functions without the connection argument
  • $num_points parameter of image(open|filled)polygon
  • mysqli::init()
  • filter.default ini setting
  • auto_detect_line_endings ini setting
  • ssl_method option to SoapClient constructor
  • oci8.old_oci_close_semantics ini setting
  • odbc_result_all()

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